This is the first of several sneak peaks of the film.


An original Canadian comedy about the insanity of a treeplanting camp torn to shreds by a camp war.

Thrown into the Ogoki wilderness of Northern Ontario, a motley crew of treeplanters fight to survive and thrive as Marty, a matriarchal crew boss fights to keep her empire. Her rival crew boss Lark and his band of rejects, drunks, and "megaballers" see to it that her vision of the world is forever challenged.      

Black flies, booze, tears, and blood come together in the muddy clear cuts to tell a story of survival and the love of planting*.    

The Plays

Tree Sluts, Ogoki Nights, LIFER, and Return to Duff City were all comedy plays about treeplanting written by Alain Mercieca dating back to 2004.  They were performed to awesome rowdy crowds at Theatre Sainte Catherine in Montreal.

*Real trees were planted by real treeplanters during the making of Ogoki Nights the Movie.

Long live the treeplanter!