Throughout "Ogoki Nights" there are many terms and slang that are used exclusively by treeplanters.  If one would like to clarify the nature of these terms, the following list provides a helpful guide.

Bag Up: The placing of trees in the bag, aka primetime for dogfucking (see below).

Bag Out: also: 1) When the final tree is planted and the bags of the planter are empty.  2) sexual. you get it.

Beaver Fever: this one is quite self-explanatory, however I do feel I should clarify: a form of diarrhea or illness concerning the stomach derived from camp water that is pulled from local lakes or water-holes (aka swamps) that have been oversaturated with beaver feces, which permeates the water supply.

The Block: n. m. A given geographical area where land must be planted.  Usually they are given names such as "Waba South", "Jungfrau", "Woodcock" or "Supawn".  They include a hectarage and varying tree species, densities, etc... Cream, Butter, Gravy, Farmer's Fields, Beaches, Spongeboard: various, slang  Forms of land that are favourable for planting a high quantity of trees.  syn. Good Land.

Boat Races: (plural, n.f.) They do not involve any actual boats.  Boat races are one of many drinking games that colour the camp life. 

Brackies:  A form of scarification typically tufts of exposed mineral soil, like polka dots all across a piece of land, when a planter plants it fast it is known as "bunnyhopping".

Bundles: Are the small groupings of trees that planters must traditionally unwrap and place in their bags.  They vary from 4 to 40 per bundle. 

Bitch Bundles: Refers to loose or forgotten bundles that must be planted for free by the planters due to negligence or subterfuge to the honour of planting.  "Bundle bashing" is a questionable form of bagging up, in which bundles are bashed, lightening the load on the planter yet also threatening the health of the tree.

The Cache (also: Cache Break, Cache Party): The cache is where the trees are kept, usually under a tarp.  On baller camps, the caches are usually dropped strategically in order to maximize efficiency.

Cattle Plant aka Cluster Fuck: Traditionally reserved for block close-outs; essentially a group plant where several individual planters are planting together.  This can be the downfall of a crew, or a time of great romance. (i.e. "I met my 1st husband in a Cluster Fuck, etc...)

Clag: The area of difficult-to-plant land between skidder tracks or corridors. 

Clearcut: A traditionally large swath of land cut "clear" of most or hopefully all trees.  The primary location of treeplanting.  Also a great place to tan, or be overwhelmingly depressed at the savage nature of man's destruction of the natural world. 

Dogfucking:  The act of not working, slacking off or loitering at one's "cache".  A dogfucker can sometimes be a legend, their dogfucking can be the stuff of literature, like a great Faulkner sub-character.  The many forms of dogfucking are multifarious and myriad forms of awesome. 

Duff: A mélange of improper soil (microsite) for a tree to be planted in.  Though in some areas (esp. BC).  Variants of duff include feather moss, 50-50, red rot and stumps.

Furroughs: A form of scarification. Usually straight, two parallel lines of exposed soil, that a skidder or scarifier have manicured for planting.

Gott: A brand name of a water cooler that became the name for water coolers in late 90's early 2000's Ontario planting camps.  One requires at least one Gott on hot days.

Highballer: A treeplanter who plants many trees.

(to) Hump: Carrying trees into one's land because it is otherwise inaccessible.

Keg Toss: (sport, game, n.) A game played during Night Off, which is simply a competition like shot putt, but instead of a putt, it's a keg.

Kife: Undesirable land.

KP Duty: Cleaning duty, which includes the shitters, mess tent, dishes and other menial chores that are all a wonderful honour and duty, and also a place for poets to find each other.  No one knows what the acronym refers to, though many have conjured a guess or two. 

Lowballer: A treeplanter who does not plant many trees.

Megaballer: A rare breed of planter who plants exorbitant amounts of trees without becoming a total slut.

Mid-to-Low-Baller: Synonymous with "social crew bosses", another breed of planter renown for their hijinks and jovial attitude concerning treeplanting.

Missed Spots: A sacreligious term designated for areas of plantable land that were omitted by the planter.  Returning to plant a missed spot is like missing an empty net on a breakaway, worthy of head-hanging shame. 

Quad: A four-wheeler or ATV.

Screef: The action of removing debris from land that is otherwise plantable.  (aka one of the most arduous parts of the job.)

Shit Tickets: Toilet paper.

Skidder: A large, tractor-like machine used to scarify land, amongst other useful purposes.  Its tracks are part of the topographical nomenclature that planters use to manage their land.

Slash: A term for the fallen trees, branches and logs left behind when the land was cut. Usually creating barriers around areas of land which are creamy; making the planter climb, crawl and maneuver through, over, under and around it to plant.

Slash pile: Leftover trees, branches and logs that have been gathered into a large pile. Usually found at the front of the piece, they can be up to 100 feet tall and wide.  

Slut: A planter who plants as many trees as possible, regardless of their quality, caring primarily that the amount of money they will make being maximal.

Special Mission:  Usually a dream come true; a special mission can vary but usually involves planters breaking off from their crews and disappearing for a while, heading somewhere even more remote and magical where they "take care of some trees".

Shnarb:  Similar to kife (see above), generally used to describe the undesirable parts of land; in lieu of slash, alders, bush, etc. (i.e. "man that piece was full of shnarb").

Sphagnum: A sacred, iridescent moss that black spruce and other trees grow in, when moist it also acts as a bidet, when dry it can make for a fine couch; as Derek Morley and Mike Simpson proved.

Stashing, Stasher: The act of throwing trees away, commonly done by digging a deep hole and burying trees; or otherwise hiding them in order to reap financial benefits or merely dispose of trees. Sister to the slut.

Treeline: The line where the real forest begins and the clearcut ends. A great place for bundle-tossing, masturbating, magical joint sessions, "finding nature", bear encounters, transcendence and pooping.

Trenchfoot: esp. military  A term indicating an ailment of the foot brought on by overexposure of the foot to moisture.  Symptoms include a wrinkling and discolouration of the foot.  It usually makes one's foot resemble Walter Mathau and walking becomes impossible. 

Code Z Land: A code for areas that are not on the map, therefore "off the grid" and are used for surplus planting, nebulous planting practices, and hardcore romance sessions.